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The TradeWar between the western hemisphere and China has escalated. Who wins and who loses?

What if...you were to relate to the ongoing conflict as an allegory of a love affair?

It's up to you to find out what YOU think the song really is about....

Fredrik Segerstedt "Trade or Invade"

Featuring: Helen Hurd ,London UK and Chandler Mogel ,New York NY USA

Guitar solo: Alex Raykin ,New York NY USA (Credits: Infinitive Spectrum, Speed Assault)

Final mix and Mastering: Rob Murray ,Vermont NYC USA (Credits: Mike Snow, SIA)

All the rest + Producing: Fredrik Segerstedt (Segerstedt Music) Sweden

Releasedate for this single: 4th of November 2021

Trade or Invade by Fredrik Segerstedt

A new exciting collaboration with Helen Hurd, Chandler Mogel, Alex Raykin and Rob Murray

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Helen Hurd

Experienced, powerful rock singer, both live and recorded. Formally closed the Rugby World Cup Final 2015 at Twickenham Stadium and regularly sung with one of the world's top all-female AC/DC tribute band.

Credits: Zeppelin Symphonic, Permageddon, The Mavericks, Back n Black

Chandler Mogel

PROFESSIONAL ROCK VOCALIST, having performed on over 400 songs and on over 25 albums,and also on the cover of Metal Hammer magazine twice.

Singer of Internationally-Acclaimed Melodic Rock Band OUTLOUD, also Punky Meadows (Angel) and Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate)

TRADE or INVADE ;  Fredrik Segerstedt (feat. Helen Hurd, Chandler Mogel)


Mug me or marry me

Tell me the truth

Got a hole in my heart

Filled with feelings for you

Crush me or carry me

Was it to be?

Will you open the door

For which I hold the key?

Do you hear me?

Do you fear me?

Will you trade

Trade or invade?

Are you buying?

Hear me crying?

Please just trade

Trade or invade

Push me or panic me

I need your voice

I'd be here with you now

If you gave me the choice

Sell me or smuggle me

Test me no more

I can't fly with these weights

Holding me to the floor

Don't be stealing

Wheeler dealing

Will you trade

Trade or invade?

Are you buying?

Hear me crying?

Please just trade

Trade or invade

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